Upgrading to Yii 2, considering AngularJS

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of upgrading our web application from the Yii 1 framework to Yii 2, and redesigning the frontend in the process. We have a contract developer who is proficient in AngularJS and would like to use that rather than the native Yii frontend generation classes, and I am uncertain whether or not this is a good idea.

My expertise is limited to the backend server functionality and have very little experience with html/css/js. I have found the html generation in Yii to be quite easy to use, and am comfortable with the way it all works (particularly with forms).

I understand that I will need to implement a RESTful interface in order to support an AngularJS frontend which is no problem, however I am concerned about going down this path as from my understanding it will mean that my application no longer uses Yii for the frontend at all.

Does this mean that model validation on form input will need to be re-implemented (along with other client-server connection functionality)?

Has anyone else ever worked on a Yii application that uses AngularJS for the frontend, and is it recommended?

Thanks for any advice.


I am following this

This may help you…