Upgrading files from 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1

Hello folks. I have a doubt about upgrading method. I’ve been searching about, but I don’t get matching results.

All we know that in order to upgrade version, we need to read UPGRADE file to know what we need to change (about code) before to upgrade, but in UPGRADE file does not explain how to upgrade project files.

So, I have actually a proyecto made with Yii 1.1.0 in /yii-web/ folder, and I have framework structure files in /yii/ field.

Well…, what is the actions to upgrade the files to 1.1.1 version?. Should I replace all files stored in /yii/ field and execute some command with YIIC in order to update something in /yii-web/?

I am so confused about upgrading method. Thanks a lot!!

I’ve got the same questions as you Javier. Have you found an answer yet?

Simply replace the old yii (framework) folder with the new one. Then follow the introductions described in UPGRADE text file. I’ve never used yiic regarding code-generation, but as far as I know there’s no yiic command that will “auto-upgrade” your application files.

Thanks Y!!. I thought that was probably the case but wasn’t sure. This should probably be stated implicitly in the documentation.

Yes, that was. The upgrade document had implicitly the update in framework folder. I didn’t know that one.