Upgrading breaks query

Just upgraded to 1.1

I got rid of the safe attributes as required, but otherwise made no other changes in my source. I thought safe attributes was pretty strange anyway and could be out of phase with

other things you specify.

Now I get this:

Error in querying SQL: SELECT comments.id AS t1_c0, comments.userId

AS t1_c1, comments.jokeId AS t1_c2, comments.comment AS t1_c3,

comments.dateCreated AS t1_c4, comments.dateUpdated AS t1_c5,

comments.status AS t1_c6 FROM Comment comments WHERE

(comments.jokeId=:ypl0) ORDER BY ??.dateCreated. Bind with parameter


It didn’t do this before. What other information will I need to provide or adjustments to make to be able to fix this?

In 1.1, you no longer use ?? as table prefix. If you perform relational query, use the relation name as the prefix by default.

I don’t understand what you mean “use the relation name as the prefix by default.” What is the relation name?

I think this is the rule causing problem

‘comments’ => array(self::HAS_MANY, ‘Comment’, ‘jokeId’,



What exactly do I do to it to fix it?

What I mean is removing ??. prefix in your ‘order’ option.

Whoo hoo I stopped it borking. I changed everywhere ‘??.whatever’ to ‘whatever’

that was just a guess. You talk at way too high level for me!

Real time forum posting anyway thanks. Works now, now I can go back to the other problem I posted today in the 1.0.? list. :)