Upgrade to 2.0.3 brakes the 2.0.2 application

After upgrade to version 2.0.3 my application do not work anymore. Debugger is saying that everything is failing. all() in AR, Caching, everything… its impossible for me to isolate the problem. I had to rollback to 2.0.2, tonight I will try to upgrade again from home, right now I am at work and can not mess with this anymore. But before I do anything, are there any know incompatibilities between 2.0.3 and 2.0.2 ?

try and delete the ‘vendor’ directory and do a composer clear-cache followed by a composer update

Illegal string offset ‘Field’


 * Loads the column information into a [[ColumnSchema]] object.

 * @param array $info column information

 * @return ColumnSchema the column schema object


protected function loadColumnSchema($info)


    $column = $this->createColumnSchema();

    $column->name = $info['Field']; // marked as error

    $column->allowNull = $info['Null'] === 'YES';

    $column->isPrimaryKey = strpos($info['Key'], 'PRI') !== false;

    $column->autoIncrement = stripos($info['Extra'], 'auto_increment') !== false;

    $column->comment = $info['Comment'];

    $column->dbType = $info['Type'];

    $column->unsigned = stripos($column->dbType, 'unsigned') !== false;

    $column->type = self::TYPE_STRING;


marked as error, and so on… it breaks