Upgrade to 1.19 and assets folder


I am new to yii so please be patient with me. I am learning.

I recently upgraded to latest yii and everything works file when I replace the previous yiiroot (yii) with the latest yiiroot (yii) in my var/www/html folder. Yii stop working when I go to localhost/appname after I removed the everything under the assets folder. Yii shows a blank page. Here are my questions:

  1. Am I doing something wrong by remove the subfolders under assets directory?

  2. Why is yii just show a blank page instead of some log or message something to tell me it’s running into a problem? maybe there is a config somewhere I need to turn this on?

Thank you,


So you have an existing "older" application? What was the previous Yii version you used?

  • Check the upgrade.txt for possible changes.

  • Check the Yii requirements

  • Check the content of the log file - yourapp/protected/runtime/aplpication.log - could be something is logged here.

We used yii 1.18 previously and the requirements pass without any problems. Also, the application log doesn’t show anything even thought we log trace and info too.

We followed the upgrade instruction and specifically this line: Clean up your ‘assets’ folder.

cleaning the assets is good, this is not a problem… could be that there is some PHP error but the PHP error reporting is disabled?

If there is nothing in the application log… then try to check the server log… something should be logged there.