Updating web app from Yii1 to Yii2

I’m a junior developer and almost completely new to Yii. I’ve recently (partly) inherited maintenance responsibility for a large web app developed with Yii 1.1.15.

I’ve been asked to investigate the possibility of updating the web app to Yii2 (for no significant reason other than to keep things up-to-date, and maybe to assist current/future development of the web app). Would updating to Yii2 be recommended? Would it generally be a straightforward procedure or more likely a demanding undertaking? I’d appreciate pointers with regard to how I’d go about this.

Additionally, the web app currently uses Bootstrap 2.3.2. Bootstrap is another component we are looking at updating. From what I can piece together, Bootstrap seems to be integrated into the web app through YiiBooster - I’m not sure what influence this would have on updating the version of Bootstrap in use or how significant a piece of work it would be.

Thanks for your insight.

I just came across this document:


"There are many differences between versions 1.1 and 2.0 of Yii as the framework was completely rewritten for 2.0. As a result, upgrading from version 1.1 is not as trivial as upgrading between minor versions."

I started my personal website with Yii 1, like you, and I think it would be really difficult and time consuming to move to Yii 2. Moreover, I’ve got the yii-blog installed, and it is only available in Yii 1. I have been able to do absolutely everything with Yii 1 and I’ve never been limited by this framework. I really don’t know why the version 2 appeared, since the version 1 is great… Furthermore, Yii 2 is really annoying because you must change the document root of the server, and therefore it may have problems with shared hostings. I don’t like Bootstrap, so I don’t mind if Yii 1 doesn’t include it. I am now familiar with Yii 1 sintax and I don’t feel like learning all Yii 2 sintax.