Updating data in remote app, need advice

Dear All,

I need help on solving this problem, I have my app on the central server. It stores the price list. I also have my app installed on the branch server. I need to update the price list on the branch server by using data from the central server. Currently, I am using email to update the data manually. First, I generate sql from the central server app to produce price_list.sql and send it using email to my branch. Then, my branch staff will read the file and upload it to the branch server. This is very time consuming and inefficient. I need admin staff to be standby in the branch office. In addition, manual steps are risky.

What I need to do is that I can update directly from the central office. Indeed, I can use phpmyadmin to do this, but I want the usual admin, not a tech to be able to do this by clicking automatic buttons.

One of my idea is to use multiple database connection, for local network it is okay, but opening mysql port on the net is very risky.

Could someone suggest a better solution to this problem? I prefer to do it inside yii.

Thank you in advance.