Updating Ctreeview On Timer

I am running a periodicalupdater timer, and need to use it to update a CTreeView. What is the best approach for this, as there seems to be no equivalent view update JS routine as there is for a CGridView. THX.

One option is to re-execute the controller action that rendered the tree view in the first place.

If your tree is in a DIV, then you can use an Ajax function to send a request to the controller action, and then update the DIV with the response.

If your tree is in an iframe, you can reset the iframe’s ‘source’, which will also send a request to the controller action and update the iframe with the response.

I tried calling the controller function which renders the tree, but the tree does not seem to update despite seeing the data being updated properly. Not sure what is going on, I still have a lot to learn about this stuff. THX.