Updated to Yii-Read-Only revision 95 and am now getting a CHtml error

When I use yiic to create a new webapp application from the command line, using the latest and greatest from svn (revision 95), the application gets created as expected.  However, when I pull up the newly created application, and navigate to the "Login" tab, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getErrors() on a non-object in [path-to-yii-read-only-freamework]/framework/web/helpers/CHtml.php on line 776

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. check out the yii-read-only from svn and then chmod the yiic files so they are executable.

  2. open up a shell window and navigate to a web accessible directory

  3. use yiic from the yii-read-only framework to create a new webapp:

[path-to-yii-read-only-framework]/framework/yiic webapp test

  1. assuming the applicaition was created successfully from #3, pull up the newly created app in your browser: for example, if your local web site is called local.mytestapp.comhttp://local.mytestapp.com/test/, which should work

  2. Click the Login tab: local.mytestapp.com/test/index.php?r=user/login

and you get the CHtml error.  I am not entirely sure this is a bug, but I did notice that the only change in revision 95 was to CHtml, so that is consistent with the possibility this may be a bug.

I also confirmed that if I follow the same steps, using the download-able alpha version: yii-1.0a.r39, I do not experience this error.


Thanks! That's a typo. Fixed.