Update Yii2 using composer

Plz help me! I can’t find information about updating this framework using composer. People say that “composer update” doesn’t help - there are some settings to be taken into account.

How it doesn’t help exactly? Any errors?

Let me pick up this 5 month old thread with more details.
I had 2.0.14 installed and issued “composer self-update” and “composer update” - this yielded, not the current 2.0.35.

Then I tried

php composer.phar update yiisoft/yii2 yiisoft/yii2-composer bower-asset/jquery.inputmask

from https://www.yiiframework.com/download - same effect.
I understand what works would be:
composer require "yiisoft/yii2":"~2.0.35
But one command that always updates to the latest current version would be very useful.

  1. Downloaded https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/releases/download/2.0.14/yii-basic-app-2.0.14.tgz
  2. Extracted archive.
  3. Issued composer update.
  4. ./yii gives me “This is Yii version 2.0.35”.

What was your case? Maybe some special dependencies?

No changes were made on the configuration of this installation since the first install.
And if there were dependencies, I would expect them to produce some kind of error/warning/message.

Well, then I have no idea :frowning: It works for me with the scenario above.