Update the Smarty Render Installation Instructions

This is directed at samdark. I just downloaded your renderer from github.com/yiiext/smarty-renderer and found a discrepancy in your instructions, which may confuse people new to Yii. The first step says to extract the release in protected/extensions. In the third step, the value for the class is ‘application.extensions.yiiext.renderers.smarty.ESmartyViewRenderer’. For anyone following your instructions exactly, this will raise the following exception:

Alias "application.extensions.yiiext.renderers.smarty.ESmartyViewRenderer" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file.

I resolved this by simply changing the class to "application.extensions.smarty.ESmartyViewRenderer". Actually, to keep things nice an organized, I extracted my release to "protected/extensions/renderers/smarty" and set the class to "application.extensions.renderers.smarty.ESmartyViewRenderer".

Thanks for this renderer and your efforts!

I was more confused about

"Extract the release file under protected/extensions."

It actually just meant decompress / extract the file contents to protected/extensions folder.

what do you mean by set the class? I’m still new at Yii framework but I’ve been using Smarty Template 2.0 for 2-3 months now. Mind helping me out?