Update the Gridview rows with Auto suggest value

hai Friends

I am feed up with the Task of  Update the Gridview rows with Auto suggest value 

Please Suggest me with the suitable code to complete the Task

here i am attaching the Php file please have a look over it and suggest me the solution







Thanks In Advance


This is the 4th post with the same issue you are posting (I deleted all the previous posts)… please do not do that anymore… if you don’t get a response… you just need to post again on your same thread (reply to yourself)… if you still do not get any answer/help… could be that your question is not so clear or that nobody has done something similar…

Check the Guidelines for posting - http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/19451-guidelines-for-posting-this-forum/


just use your key word to search "CJuiAutoComplete CGridView"