Update Related Models


I have a form to create a model and 2 related models. It’s working fine but now I need to update them and I don’t know how to load the models.

On my actionCreate I made this:

$model = new ModelName;

$model2 = new RelatedModel1

$model3 = new RelatedModel2

In the actionUpload it loads the current model


I need to load somehow the other 2 models because it crashses when I try to update.

The relation is 1:n. Any idea?


If you’ve correctly configured the relations between the models, you should be able to access the related models by lazy loading them on demand. The following should work:

    $model = $this->loadModel($id);

    $relatedModels1 = $model->relatedModels1;

    $relatedModels2 = $model->relatedModels2;