Update Profile Picture But Not Updating -Cache

Hi ,

i did upload user picture in yii framework.

Each when i update the profile-picture the picture its not showing the recently updated picture even though the filename its updated in database.

i need to refresh browser after update, then only its shows the recent updated picture.

or else i need to clear the browser cache.

how to solve this issue in using yii framework.

issit because of jquery cache or php buffer?

pls give me suggestion.

thank you.

hello vinoth.mohan . … problem solved?

yup solved.

use time() function.

<img src=’/workspace/profile/picture/default.png?4337423484’>

the default.png?4337423484 is actually from php time function -> default.png?<?php echo time();?>

each time refresh the time will refresh n try get the fresh image url path.