Update Model and Controllers modify DB table in Yii

I was wondering that see if you have made many changes since Gii generated your Model and CRUD. i.e you have applied many view changes ,made rbac and so on.

now what if later on you see thati.e in persons table you have to add a new entery car_no and you want CRUD to accept that change and CActiveRecord adapt changes to db…

what can be done to avoid a RE-DO? as RE-DO works for me at present :(

Alter model and view by hand?

OOpss…you need to do it manually my ;)…there no other option.!!

First of all Nice pic there bro.

if this is the answer then I am a bit confused how do ORM knows about new entry? or all the entries are generated in model?

ActiveRecord uses runtime introspection, i.e. it runs SQL queries to examine the structure of the corresponding database table - unless you disable it by turning schema caching on.