Update Isotope With Javascript

I’m using the isotope jquery extension, my dataProvider is changing over the time so I want to update it withou refresh the entire page.

Someone know how can I do it?

I now the isotope is based on a CListView so I try to use this function $.fn.yiiListView.update(), but the yiiListView is not defined.

Any ideas that can help me?

Have you solved it? I’m facing the same problem.

Yes i have solve it. I’m not at home, and i dont remember what i did, but when i return To home i send you my solution

Thanks!!! :) I will remind you! haha


I’m really stuck with this! :(

By now, I have created a function I call when refreshing

My button:

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbButton', array(










The function:

function reloadIsotope() {

	var $isoContainer = $('#listaItems .items');



And the code I inserted into jquery.isotope.js:


reloadIsotope: function() {







It seems to do the trick, isotope is being reloaded, but the ajax call is not being redone.


Do you fix this problem? If fixed, Can you share solution for me, please!