Up to date Yii 1.1 release notes

To have this in one place available for everyone in the team:

These are the release notes from Qiang. I have adjusted them a bit to work with composer. Added phing build to composer

and fixed the PDF guide creation.

Release Steps:

  1. git pull

  2. composer install

  3. Change YiiBase::getVersion() and CHANGELOG/UPGRADE files about release date and version

  4. Run cd build && ../vendor/bin/phing sync, commit and push:
    git commit -m "release version 1.1.18"
    git push

  5. git tag -s 1.1.18 -m "version 1.1.18" (make sure you have GPG set up for signing your commits)

  6. git push --tags

  7. Change back YiiBase::getVersion(), and CHANGELOG/UPGRADE to prepare for the next release, rebuild, commit and push:
    cd build && ../vendor/bin/phing sync
    git commit -m "prepare for next release"
    git push

  8. On a machine that can run LaTeX, i.e. pdflatex:

    git clone git@github.com:yiisoft/yii.git 1.1.18
    cd 1.1.18
    git checkout 1.1.18
    composer install
    cd build
    ../vendor/bin/phing src
    ../vendor/bin/phing doc
    ../vendor/bin/phing web
    cd release\dist 
  9. Upload source and doc release files (from release\dist directory) to github (create a release on github repo)

  10. Update https://github.com/yiisoft-contrib/yiiframework.com/blob/master/config/versions.php as instructed (download URL and version)

  11. SSH to yiiframework.com, update code via git pull

  12. Write up release announcement

  13. Announce on website news, twitter, and forum