Unstable Getstate Function Result When Call Setstate/set Session More Then 1 Time

For Example, i have session ‘globalunit’, and i want to set that session value use setState function. so i make actionSetUnit and actionGetUnit function in my Controller class to be called in my View class by ajax

 //to set globalunit

 public function actionSetUnit(){



 //to get globalunit

 public function actionGetUnit(){

    echo Yii::app()->user->getState('globalunit');


i often call actionSetUnit in my view, when i change/click my combo unit in my view. but when i call getUnit function in my view to show globalunit value, the result/respons unstable. sometime the respons is true according the last unit i choose in combo Unit. sometime the respons is false (not change according the value of the last unit i choose in combo unit) :(

Maybe i too much call setState function to set value session with same name.

any missing in my code??