[UNSOLVED] Very wired error with CController::forward()

Today I’ve gotten a very wired error, causing the apache process which handles the request to crash.

My System Settings

  • Linux Debian Squeeze 6.0

  • Apache 2.2.16-6+squeeze4

  • PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze3

  • Yii 1.1.8

My Situation (Example):


[*]User calls http://example.tld/sms/tos

[*]Request is handled by app/modules/sms/controllers/SmsController.php through URL rewrite (normal url would be example.tld/sms/sms/tos)

[*]TosAction (located at app/modules/sms/controllers/sms/TosAction.php) is beeing executed


Within TosAction I am trying to call $this->controller->forward(’/site/tos’); in order to display the TosAction of SiteController which is located outsite the module @app/controllers/SiteController.php.

The user now receives a white page with HTTP Error 400. Every time this happens the error.log of the webserver is beeing appended by the following line:

[Wed Oct 12 14:47:26 2011] [notice] child pid 8937 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

This is the Stack Trace:

Any idea how to solve this? :)… Thanks in advance!

Do you use some caching… check this link - http://www.directadm…ead.php?t=13591

And there is this one too - https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php/107698-child-pid-exit-signal-Segmentation-fault-(11)

Thanks for your response.

Sadly the reasons you mentioned dons’t fit in my case. I turned off the load blanacer because i already thought that it might causes the problem (which wasnt the case). Currently my application does not use the caching feature of yii (only CDbConnection, which caches the schema). I also do not use advanced techniques like eaccelerator or compiled PHP files.

I also cannot find any information about caching on the phpinfo() page. The php.ini remained unchanged in terms of caching options.