Unit tests didn't work


if I execute at example:

phpunit --verbose functional

the console will output the following error:

PHPUnit 3.2.16 by Sebastian Bergmann.

File "functional.php" could not be found or is not readable.

But the top example is from the documentation, is the a trick to execute the tests. Before you answer change the working dir to $YIIAPP/protected/tests this have I do. ;)


Works for me with PHPUnit 3.4.0

Edit: BTW did you mean functional tests? The subject line says unit tests. I see a DB problem not noticed before with unit tests ( http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7231-unit-testing-and-db-connnection/ ).

Edit2: "The testing supported provided by Yii requires PHPUnit 3.3+ and Selenium Remote Control 1.0+." Reference: the guide


Yes yii tests works fine with phpunit 3.4! ;)