Unit Testing Shell - CConsoleCommands

So the scenario is this:

We have the shell command in protected/commands/shell/MyTestCommand.php

class MyTestCommand extends CConsoleCommand


	public function run($args)


		//actual command code here

		return TRUE;	



We want to unit test it.

So lets get to it.

Step one, edit the default test configuration file in protected/config/test.php

and import the Shell Classes that we need to test (which extend CConsoleCommand).




This way our unit test application, will be able to auto load/import our MyTestCommand class.

Step two, we create the unit test file protected/tests/unit/ShellTest.php

class ShellTest extends CTestCase


	function testShellCommand()



		$CCRunner=new CConsoleCommandRunner();


		$shell=new MyTestCommand($commandName,$CCRunner);




It should run 1 test and 1 assertion successfully.

Please note that this is a basic unit testing of a shell command just for starters.

Thank you for reading, feel free to correct any mistakes in my code if they exist.

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