I am rather new at php and frameworks. I have ‘played’ with CodeIgniter and wanted to try yii. I have downloaded and installed the yii file in my uniserver folder (www) and opened it on my localhost. Checked out the demos and have all the requirements. Where is everything else???? CodeIgniter had folders for the controllers, models and views, but can’t see anything like that here. I did try to use the command line, but couldn’t even locate the folder (don’t really use the command line). Sorry so dumb, but if anyone can help me, it would be appreciated.

From your description it seems, you didn’t create a webapplication, right? The framework folder only contains library data you can include in your application code. You should create a webapplication folder as described in the guide. Then you’ll find your controller, view and model folder inside the protected dir.

No I haven’t created a webapplication folder. Most directions in the guide seem to use the command prompt, which I am not using. I am using uniserver as I can transport it with me.

Can you direct me to where in the guide the web application folder is mentioned? I did a search and nothing came up.


yiic makes it easy to create the folder structure and set up some important files. You can do so manually, too, of course. But if you don’t have much experience with Yii you might have a hard time to get everything working. So i’d recommend to look at yiic again.