unexpected request value

I’ve got a bit of a mystery going on here, in which I have a GET value set, while I don’t actually expect any to exists.

for some reason var_dump(yii::$app->request->get());exit; returns

array(1) { ["language"]=> string(5) "en_US" }

only, I’ve never set that, I put this at the beginning of a function, which is also the first function I made to be executed, but by then I for some reason already have that value.

does any one know how I can find out where this is set? because as far as I know that value should not exists at all, because this happens when viewing the application index, which was called without any parameters.

I’m also quite certain that none of my own code sets this, as the only places I set a language its set with a dash, not an underscore, yet for some reason this request header exists by definition, but if I set it explicitly it does change, so something sets language to en_US if it isn’t otherwise set, but I have no idea what does that, what I do know is that’s is annoying since it sets it to a value that is not correct for the rest of the site.

It might be a problem with your web browser or an add-on for it.

Change the browser and see what will happen.