Undesireable behaviour of class_exists

I’ve created a system whereby items of various different model types are passed around in a ubiquitous manner. The problem that some of these types are simulated and don’t have a real model class associated with them. To check whether the given model exists or not, I’m attempting to use class_exists($Foo), but this is giving me a PHP Error as autoload in YiiBase is run and automatically attempts to include “$Foo.php”.

Is there any way around this behavior? How could I work around it, and shouldn’t Yii handle such checks in a more cautious manner by default?

Use class_exists($foo, false)


Cheers, but this doesn’t quite solve my problem… Now, as the Model.php file hasn’t been loaded, the code fails. Right now I’m working around it by checking file_exists(“protected/models/Model.php”), but some form of middle ground would be preferable. Any ideas?


Does this help you:


@ will suppress any PHP errors a command might raise.


I see that include() creates a warning not a fatal error. Should Yii really always report this as fatal error? Yii could check the error level in CApplication::handleError().

There could be another constant like YII_ERROR_REPORTING that defines a bitmask (to be ANDed with the error code) and defaults to E_ALL & E_STRICT. Makes sense?

Thanks Mike, that works how I hoped it would! :D

I know this thread’s old but this is a great fix. Since Yii doesn’t import classes until they’re needed, it should be able to survive if they’re not there. It would make more sense if YiiBase::autoload() had error suppression.