Undefined Variable: Model_Nhuser

I have a standard date format as follows , and i need to store this date into the database…

please help me … :(


		'model' => $model_NhUser,

		'attribute' => "date_of_birth",


		// additional javascript options for the date picker plugin


						'dateFormat' => Yii::app()->params['date_format'],






		'htmlOptions'=>array('size'=>20,'maxlength'=>20, 'height'=> 10, 'class'=>'in-area1', 'placeholder'=>'DD-MM-YYYY ',									),



use yii::app()->dateValidator to change date formate :)

sorry, i want to store the date into the database…

for that you have run this query in your sql.

SELECT date_format(field_name,’%m/%d/%Y’) as field_name FROM table_name


thank u sir… its working… :)

great Enjoy B)