Undefined Offset:0 In Cdbcommand (Cache)


I can’t figure out, why my code returns undefined offset.

My stacktrace is:

Undefined offset: 0


492             if(($result=$cache->get($cacheKey))!==false)

493             {

494                 Yii::trace('Query result found in cache','system.db.CDbCommand');

495                 return $result[0];

496             }

/data/www/site/protected/models/ChatPost.php(34): CDbCommand->queryRow()

34         $this->roomData = Yii::app()->db->cache(3600)->createCommand("SELECT * FROM rooms WHERE id={$this->room}")->queryRow();

Can you please help me to debug this problem? It occurs only with missing cached data. For the second try everything is ok.

Sorry, the topic can be deleted. I was found, that it was a bug and it is solved in v1.1.13. I was upgraded now and everything is fine.