Unable to verify your data submission

I’ve been getting "Unable to verify your data submission’ error since updated Yii to 2.0.14.

There are many google results with this error but nothing seems to fix my problem. csrf tokens can be found in header and forms (forms are generated by ActiveForm widget). I’ve also tried to restart services and the server. The cookie values also look fine.

I’m able to submit forms again if downgrade back to But there are new features in 2.0.14 I want to use.

I haven’t seen any mentioned issue caused by the latest version. So I’m not sure if it’s the new version or me or ???? Disable csrf works, but this is not a solution.

Any idea what may be causing this issue?

There are some changes in 2.0.14 regarding cookies and csrf:

Tried to clear browser cookies and still can’t submit any forms.

Looked through the issues but they don’t look related.

Looked through change document and can’t find anything that look related nor any mentions.

It seems I’m the only one complaining this issue for V2.0.14. :(