unable to update/comment yii wiki article


I can’t figure out this is bug or functionality but…

I am unable to update/comment yii wiki article, as it not allow me to login, I tried many times even change my password, still i am unable to login to update/comment in wiki article.

is there any user level/credentials to login for that?

currently I am using Windows 7 OS, Google Chrome browser.

@Yii Users,

try to comment in yii wiki article, I just want to check the Invalid login problem occur for me only…

plz reply back with status( working or not).

From your description it’s not a problem with commenting but a problem with loging… why then ask others to comment at all?

Was the yii site login working for you before or you could never login there ?

Yes unable to login is the problem.

as I am using forum from a year and I am still login in forum…

but in Yii wiki when i use comment or write article it redirects me to YII Login Page , and there i can’t login.

The forum login and the yii site login are separate… but should work with the same username and password you originali registered on the forum

What I was asking before is if the yii site login did work for you before?

i had mostly active in forum, so i guess not trying for direct yii site login.

so, what i had to do to login for that ( e.g comment wiki article ) ?

To login the yii site you need to use the same username and password you use for the forum. Note "username" not e-mail. it still does not work for you please contact me privately with your details (username/email) so I can check what is going on.

I had always used email address to login forum.

Now I can login in yii site using username(not email id)/password, thankx.

+1 for your reply.

The site code has been updated. Now you can login with the email, too.

The yii site has been updated again and hopefully all the site login problems fixed.

There was a problem with some "special" characters in the password, for example if someone had $ in the password he could log in on the forum, but not on the site. Now the code has been adjusted to process the login credentials the same way.