Unable To Send Email With Mamp On Yii

hi all,

I"m new to yii… I’m trying to send email to adminEmail (which is in config/main.php). I’m trying this on mamp with yii.

i’ve downloaded emailer extension and added this in components array of config/main.php.

in my controller i’ve written like this

$message = ‘msg msg testing’;

                Yii::app()->mailer->Host = 'smtp.yiiframework.com';


                Yii::app()->mailer->FromName = 'dev';

                Yii::app()->mailer->From = 'dev@dev.com';



                Yii::app()->mailer->Subject = 'ding ding sub';

                Yii::app()->mailer->Body = $message;


its not working from my local machine …whats going wrong here??

im working on mamp and i did not change anything in php.ini file…do i need to change any??

It won’t work on your local machine unless you install local mail server or to be more strict SMTP server.

@mrk : firstly thanks for your time and reply.

I’ve used mailer extension. as it is 3rd party extension…still doesnt it work in my local mamp???