Unable To Send Email By Yiimail Extension

Hi, i am using YiiMail extension to send emails.

I have got this error when i install the extenison in my project.

Property "CWebApplication.mail" is not defined.

here is the configuration.

main.php in protected/confing






‘mail’ => array(

	'class' => 'ext.yii-mail.YiiMail',








	'viewPath' => 'application.views.my_emails',


controller function

public function SendMail()


	$message = new YiiMailMessage;

	$message->setBody('Message content here with HTML', 'text/html');

	$message->subject = 'My Subject';


	$message->from = "test@abc.com";//Yii::app()->params['adminEmail'];


	if(Yii::app()->mail->send($message) )

		echo 'mail sent';


		echo 'error while sending email';


please guide me where i have done mistake?

what values you specifying for host, username and password?

‘mail’ => array(

‘class’ => ‘ext.yii-mail.YiiMail’,








is the same values specified in php.ini or sendmail.conf file?

same values as specified in php.ini

check spelling , letter cases, i had the same problem and letter i realize by going through one by one!

specify your mail=> inside components=>array(