Unable to select not null in redis

Hey guys, what I want to do is fairly simple but I’m at my wits end


                    ->where(['some_id' => $someId])

                    ->andWhere(['not', ['some_field' => null]]);

RedisModel extends yii\redis\ActiveRecord

The code I’ve shown gives this error;

Redis error: ERR Error compiling script (new function): user_script:10: unexpected symbol near ‘!’

Redis command was: EVAL local allpks=redis.call(‘LRANGE’,‘redis_table’,0,-1)

local pks={}

local n=0

local v=nil

local i=0

local key=‘campaign_capping’

for k,pk in ipairs(allpks) do

local ccampaign_id0=redis.call(‘HGET’,‘redis_table’ … ‘:a:’ … pk, ‘some_id’)

if (csome_id0==‘1_1001’) and (!(redis.call(‘HEXISTS’,key … ‘:a:’ … pk, ‘some_field’)==0)) then


if i>0 then

n=n+1 pks[n]=redis.call(‘HGETALL’,‘redis_table:’ … pk)




return pks 0

What do I need to do to be able to filter only the results where some_field is null and some_id is what I’ve passed?