Unable to see the Issue

I have been practicing the Yii Book Track star Application and as per the guidelines of the book i have created everything and it went on well . But i am unable to see the issues and i am getting the below problem while seeing the hyperlink



Missing argument 1 for ProjectController::loadModel(), called in D:\wamp\www\anits\protected\controllers\ProjectController.php on line 65 and defined

Source File


00162: $model->attributes=$_GET[‘Project’];


00164: $this->render(‘admin’,array(

00165: ‘model’=>$model,

00166: ));

00167: }


00169: /**

00170: * Returns the data model based on the primary key given in the GET variable.

00171: * If the data model is not found, an HTTP exception will be raised.

00172: * @param integer the ID of the model to be loaded

00173: */

00174: public function loadModel($id)

00175: {

00176: $model=Project::model()->findByPk((int)$id);

00177: if($model===null)

00178: throw new CHttpException(404,‘The requested page does not exist.’);

00179: return $model;

00180: }


00182: /**

00183: * Performs the AJAX validation.

00184: * @param CModel the model to be validated

00185: */

00186: protected function performAjaxValidation($model)

method loadModel accepts 1 argument

it should be


Yes, this is just an issue with the differences between the way the code is auto-generated between Yii version 1.1.2 and newer versions. I assume you might be using a version newer than 1.1.2, is that correct? If so, there are some subtle code differences you should keep in mind as you work through the examples in the book.