Unable to resolve the request

I am working on Yii 1.x website locally using a vagrant box, everything seems ok on this when I transfer the files to a staging server I get the following 404 error message:

Unable to resolve the request "site/myuserclassroom"

The filename in question is called ‘MyuserClassroomController.php’ with the class called ‘MyuserClassroomController’

There doesn’t seem to be any issues with case sensitive filenames that I can see, but I don’t know why Yii isn’t loading the page in the same manner as my Vagrant equivalent using the exact same codebase.

Any ideas?

what I can see I could be wrong

you controller name is "MyuserClassroom" yii maps a controller and actions name to the urls so practically this should be some thing like

"myuserclassroom/index" => // controller: MyuserClassroomController and action: actionIndex