Unable to resolve request 'images/loading2.gif'

HI all,

We are having a very strange problem. Occassionaly we are getting the following exception:

2012/07/19 16:55:13 [error] 

[exception.CHttpException.404] exception 'CHttpException' with message 'Unable to resolve the request "images/loading2.gif), url(../images/loading2.gif".' in \framework\web\CWebApplication.php:281

Stack trace:

#0 \framework\web\CWebApplication.php(136): CWebApplication->runController('images/loading2...')

#1 \framework\base\CApplication.php(158): CWebApplication->processRequest()

#2 \htdocs\index.php(13): CApplication->run()

#3 {main} REQUEST_URI=/images/loading2.gif),%20url(../images/loading2.gif

The "images/loading2.gif" is defined only in a css file!


   background-image:url('../images/loading2.gif'), url('../images/loading2.gif');

   background-position:left top, left bottom;



For me it looks like yii parses the css files and looks for url() definitions and trims the leading ‘(’ and closing ‘)’ characters and tries to process it as a request. Why is it working like that? Is there any solution?


I think the file does not exist thus the .htaccess file redirects it to the index.php yii script. That could happen with browsers that does not support CSS3 i guess.

Yep, sounds like the image request is being processed by Yii.

multiple background images are not supported in all browsers, so it could be that the problem.

ehmn I always begin url’s from css file beginning with the root.

so if your image folder is in your root, you should not use ../images/ but /images/

That works fine as long as you never have to install the app in a subdirectory of a site.

Recently I wrote an intranet for my company, and it needed to be accessed by IP during testing, so it needed to work on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/intranet, on my local machine (intranet.local) and eventually on the main domain. Using relative paths in the CSS meant it could work in all locations with no code changes.