Unable to read chinese chars in ajax.send with post method

Hello. I need to store some chinese data in my DB.

I have no problem if the data is store through submit button, but if I try to save the chinese data using ajax.send(), I get this issues:

Using FireBug, I inspect the Ajax Post tab:


YII_CSRF_TOKEN	ea58aa5074110596dac133529e69b3e405f7aad5

text	你好世界



Well…, I am not be able to obtain the chars 你好世界 through $_POST['text], because its returned value is: %u4F60%u597D%u4E16%u754C

I’ve tried all types of php decodes functions, but nothing successfully.

My DB charset is utf8. I have no problem if I save the chars 你好世界 directly in the database records. I have no problem if I submit the form. I only have the problem through ajax.send and the array $_POST, which stores the chars encoded, and not the plain text.