Unable to produce the result from Ajax in IE

Hi Anyone,

I have a problem to produce the result on different browser when calling from Ajax.

I can get the result from ajax via Mozilla web browser, but I cant get the result

from IE with the populate message from database.

Can anyone help on this problem?

Thanks you.

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Do you use ajax or load function ? I found that ajax function works best on IE.


I am using load function from controller in yii framework.

Can you advise on it?

Thanks you.

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Teck Chuan

Hi Anyone,

Can anyone help me on this problem?



there is still bug in IE8 if you are using dropdown selecbox to filter search in cgriedview.

I’m using windows os sp3 with IE8 and YII 1.1.3

the dropdown selecbox only work once.

And in my experience, run yii in IE is a bit slow than run in firefox or crome.

@asiagis explain a bit more your problem… this way is a bit vague… and if you can put some code… that way we could undestand you and maybe help you better

@fastcrash not sure if he have this problem… but anyway… Qiang solved this very nicely (I banged my head because I did not come to that solution :) ) http://code.google.com/p/zii/source/detail?r=208

I replace the 1.1.3 jquery.yiigridview.js code, its work perfecly, NICE…

thanks qiang, mdomba.