Unable to pass params into getData function

Hi All,

i am able to get results from my db, but when i am passing "ORDER BY id DESC, LIMIT 1" as params, the query is not giving results based on ORDER.

$work = Work::getData($fields, array('AND', 'rolw=10', array('id' => SORT_DESC) ); // i want to pass order by id DESC and limit,10 as array

following is my function

 public  function getData($fields, $where, $params = array()){

        return Yii::app()->db->createCommand()


            ->from(self::TABLE . ' as t')

            ->where($where, $params) 



i am not sure why params are not working!!!. Is there anything i am missing??

I think you are not calling your function properly, because your $params array is empty (you are not passing 3rd argument).

You want to order elements but you are not calling order method!

[size="2"]Use something like this: [/size]

public static  function getData($fields, $where, $params = array(), $order, $limit){

	$query = Yii::app()->db->createCommand()->select($fields)->from(self::TABLE . ' as t');

	$query->where($where, $params); 






	return $query->queryAll();


Then call it like:

Model::getData($fields, 'id=:id', array(':id'=>15), 'column1, column2', 10)