Unable To Open View

I am new to yii. I know that its very simple question but I need help.

I want to run the view file by url

but I got this error

Error 400

Your request is invalid.

In access rules of that controller. I also wrote the view.

but It did not work.

I just want to ask how we can open view file in url??

I would guess this error refers to not specifying action arguments which you marked as required by not assigning them default values.

If you want more help please post fragments of your code and a full stack trace that you got with the error message. It should be in your application log.

It enough tou check the arguments of the public function action<name_of_action>, because they’re REQUIRED

What do you mean?

ok I got the solution. Thanks every one :)

The solution is that we write any file name in index file and then we access that like

<?php $this->widget(‘bootstrap.widgets.TbListView’,array(



)); ?>

_reports is my view file.