Unable To Login With Username Password On Mysql Db

I am so frustrated. Not sure where to turn. Please help and thank you.

The problem is I’m failing to get a user/password login from a database working at all.

I’m a newbie at Yii. I’m using Yii v1.12 (I think). I downloaded the most recent version about four weeks ago. I’ve run through the blog tutorial and the Larry Ullman tutorial twice. I keep encountering various errors, from the basic message of “username & password aren’t valid” to “CException - Property “user.pass” is not defined”. Has there been some code changes that throw the tutorials out the window.

At the moment, I’m using NetBeans IDE with the XDebugger, but I’m new at that as well.

I don’t have anything published outside of my local development server. What info can I give to get started on getting some help. I’ll attach a copy of my UserIdentity.php and LoginForm.php for my most recent attempt at the Ullman tutorial. Those files now give me the CException error (Property user.pass is not defined).

I’ve looked at some of the threads here and I’ve been able to follow along on most everything. It appears some changes have been made to the core framework which is defeating my attempt to get a database backed user/password login implemented. I’ve even resorted to turning off all encryption in an attempt to make it simple.


OK – I found the problem. Sorry to trouble everyone.

Funny how a misspelled word can really mess up a good project.

My problem was in the UserIdentity.php file. There was an instance " $user->pass " which should have been " $user->password ".


i am trying for dependent drop down list but its not working properly

here is my two fields:

<div class="row">

	<?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'department'); ?>

	<?php echo $form->dropDownlist($model,'department',

	CHtml::listData(Department::model()->findAll(),'department','department'),array('empty'=>'--please select--'),array('size'=>25,'maxlength'=>225)); ?>

	<?php echo $form->error($model,'department'); ?>


<div class="row">

    <?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'username'); ?>

	<?php echo $form->dropDownlist($model,'username',

	CHtml::listData(User::model()->findAll(),'username','username'),array('empty'=>'--please select--'),array('size'=>25,'maxlength'=>225)); ?>

	<?php echo $form->error($model,'username'); ?>


i want to show only users from perticular department

first table is department(dept_id,department)

second table is uers(id,username,department)