Ok probably I know it is too much to ask but there are already some opensource UML programs like StarUML that could be exploited and remade for Yii.

I believe that the next time to professionalism for Yii framework is to develop a web-based graphic design where users can create UML to do their work more easily.

UML is a vast modelling language with various kinds of graphs. For start only three basic are needed. Use-Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Activity Diagrams. With these you can achieve almost everything.

I know there are many UML modelling programs, but only if your design starts from scratch. All this automation that Yii does, creating Models and Controllers and Views SHOULD be synchronized also automatically with a UML diagram(s) and vice-versa.

So what do you think of this idea? I believe would increase the Yii productivity exponentially :)

PS1: unless there is already a similar tool out there which I ignore. In this case please send me a link!

PS2: Note that because of the automatic include of classes in the framework it is difficult for UML programs to do reverse-engineer to my code to create the UML that really represents it.

I can’t name such a tool integrated with Yii.

Idea is OK but I prefer if it will be implemented by a third party, not Yii core team since implementation will consume too much time we can spend developing framework itself.

Ok samdark :) I have a new idea for the Yii core team for boosting Yii developing project time performance!

I posted it in a new topic which is more appropriate. Here is the link