UML for Yii

Excuse me for disturbing your time first. I’m a student Del Institute of Technology in Indonesia. Now, we are having an annual project. We are asked to build an information system by using Yii2 Framework. I would like to ask you, as the senior in Yii, about the way to make the UML diagram for Yii. My senior have ever told that making a UML diagram for MVC (Yii uses MVC pattern) is so difficult. So, how do we make the UML diagram? Is it so difficult? Thank you before.

There are many types of UML diagrams:

  • Class Diagram

  • Component Diagram

  • Deployment Diagram

  • Object Diagram

  • Package Diagram

  • Profile Diagram

  • Composite Structure Diagram

  • Use Case Diagram

  • Activity Diagram

  • State Machine Diagram

  • Sequence Diagram

  • Communication Diagram

  • Interaction Overview Diagram

  • Timing Diagram

Which one you’re talking about?

Thank you for your response before. I am talking about Class Diagram, Deployment Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, and Sequence Diagram. I have to complete these diagrams to be documented in my project documents. So, I hope so much for your help.

Well, class diagram could be generated using something like PhpStorm. Others are to be done by yourself.