Typical website solution (kinda cms)


I’m developing websites based on yii. And this is really great platform.

But the fact is that I don’t wanna waste my time on making common things among other web applications.

I’m loking for a solution (extension) or ready setup. which will consist of following features:

  • Content-manager with image uploading.

  • User manager.

  • Url manager.

Having these three thingies will allow me to focus on soling actual business-logic problems.

Are there any solutions?

Thank you!

You should check yii extensions, because all things you need are already done:


For url manager, there is already urlManager component:



as for Url management I don’t have working solution yet, but i’m working on it ;D

have a look at following extensions

yii-user for user registration process, profiles, etc,

rights for authorization management,

ckkceditor - widget which takes care of rich text editor (CKEditor) + KCFinder for content upload and management.

also “taggable” behaviour for tags (labels) handling - and there you go. Setting up CMS in an hours :)