Two table search with concatenated search statement

Thanks ahead of time for any responses. I need to search two tables with a common linking field. The search basis will result from viewer form input. The form input will produce a concatenated search/sql statement. The query result set will then be presented. I’ve done this without the use of a framework with a concatenated sql query statement formed with viewer form input. Any advice will be appreciated :)

Specifically this is the sql I want to put to yii:

	$searchStmt = "SELECT * 

					FROM owners,records 

					WHERE " ;


	if ($city)

		$searchStmt .= "    	LIKE '%$city%'     AND " ;

	if ($state)

		$searchStmt .= "owners.state   	LIKE '%$state%'     AND " ;

	if ($dt_start)

		$searchStmt .= "records.dt_start 	LIKE '%$dt_start%'      AND " ;

	if ($dt_end) 

		$searchStmt .= "records.dt_end 	LIKE '%$dt_end%'      AND " ;

	if ($beds)

		$searchStmt .= "records.beds  	LIKE '%$beds%'      AND " ;

	if ($sbPriceRange)

		$searchStmt .= "records.sbPriceRange  	LIKE '%$sbPriceRange%'     AND " ;

		$searchStmt .= " = AND " ;

	if ($typ)

		$searchStmt .= "records.typ     LIKE '%$typ%'      AND ";


	$stmt= substr($searchStmt, 0, strlen($searchStmt)-4) ;

What kind of advice you’re looking for? You can use ActiveRecord if you want to.

Thanks for replying. Are you suggesting that I use FindBySql in a search controller with Active Record in a search model that searches the two related tables with the defined sql statement? I’m looking for examples. :unsure: