two questions

I have two questions

#1 what does the last input (here "true" in the following function do; I did not quite understand the manual). I have bolded the input below. Can someone please give me an example?

$this->renderPartial(‘ajaxView’, array(), false, true);

#2 I want to prevent any layout from loading when the user accesses a page that I coded in controller X under actionIndex. How can I prevent Yii from showing the layout for that action ONLY? Yii should show the layout for other actions, however.

thank you!

#1 the fourt parameter will make so that the javascript inside the view (for example link button, ajax link and so on) will be processed. You have to call this method if this renderPartial is not a part of a global render.

Tipically when you prepare a block of content to send via ajax.

#2 in the action you don’t want the layout call renderPartial, if you have some script call renderPartial with the fourth parameter true.