Two Level Dialog ( Nested Dialog )

Hi all,

I want to looking for an explanation or suggestion or anything else :)

I have a scenario : i want to entry a transaction, i decide to use a form which is loaded use jQuery ( in dialog , called Dialog : A ).

And then , on Dialog A above, i need to browse a employee to be inserted into those transaction, and I decided a link to load another dialog for browsing an employee from a list of employee provided, so i choose a dialog again for that scenario.

Everything is look good for the first time i was click link to open second dialog, but for a twice and etc… i clicked that link the second dialog opened behind the first dialog ( Dialog A ).

Could anyone explain this , or may be something i miss or forgot ?

Thanks a lot

I have the same problem, would like know how I do it… :mellow:

You’re asking a questions that seems to be realated to jQuery itself, on a Yii forum! :]

Have you tried to play with modal property of jQuery’s dialog widget? This (when set to true) should assure you that next dialog will always open in front of all others.

At least in theory! :]

But get it from UI designs side. If you got confused, because one dialog opened not there, where you expected it, then there are many chances, your users will also get confused. Can’t you redesign your design to use only one dialog at a time. I.e. for example consider making this a wizzard with a few steps and to open each dialog on another step of wizzard.