Twitter login and Tween function in Yii2 with authclient

Hello Hi I never used clientuath of Yii built in function but currently I need to use it only twitter auth but I didn’t find any good examples for starting point.

Can it be possible to login with twitter with clientauth twitter of Yii2 that is built and if yes how, as I don’t want to use any extra extension for it so I want simple solution of requesting authentication to twitter and generating auth url etc.

Please help me if any one member here already done it.

Also I want to use tweet from site is that possible form authclient or we have to find other option to achive this goal. With login with client option I find very few documentation and only one applied solution which integrated in yii user but I don’t want it to be integreated in yii user i want it only to work independently so that I can make tweet from the site

Thank you waiting for the suggestions and help