Twitter Bootstrap As Extension Or Theme?


I am planning to use Twitter Bootstrap with my next Yii application and I am trying to decide between downloading Twitter Bootstrap and install as a theme or include one of the yii Extensions like bootstrap or yii-bootstrap-widgets.

What are the pros and cons for these two approaches?

Thank you


I’m getting started on this as well but it seems that the advantage of the extensions is that they incorporate gii templates for quickly scaffolding CRUD functionality. Check it out!

There is no either or.

A theme is convenient because it uses the Bootstrap css and js files and it’s layout.

The set of extensions is also needed, if you want to live an easier life.

The same doubt here. I discovered YiiBoilerplate that already contains Twitter Bootstrap as well as the complete folder structure for a Yii project.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to configure it to work properly with a database, but it maybe useful to you.

Expect a whole host of similar extensions :)

It’s only natural.

Personally, I LOVE http://www.yiiframew…sion/bootstrap/. Gives you Bootstrap + a whole tool set of Yii widgets all styled and ready to go! It definitely made my life a whole bunch easier.

Also, just found this - Looks pretty cool.

Yes, YiiBooster is recent and prety cool extension developed by Antonio,

Haven’t tested it but i had saw its Components and looks gr8.

I have been having same questions. You don’t want to start relaying on ones and just to hear they will stop supporting it.

Future development.

What will happen when Yii release its new version framework?