Turn off HTTPS on menu and links

I have certain pages on my website where SSL is enabled (for example, the login and registration pages). However once the user goes to those pages and is back on the website, I want the links in the menu and CHtml links to no longer use https:// (they automatically add https:// based on the current URL). Ideally I would like every link to start with http://, then once the page loads it can determine if it needs to switch to https://.

Is there a way to globally override that? Or how would I need to go about making that change?



This link Https set on certain papesperhaps suit your requirement. Some how ssl setting is required before https can work on certain pages. i facing same problem now.

jowen, that is actually very similar to the method I’m using to force SSL on certain pages.

A more specific way to ask my question is:

How do you get normalizeUrl() to use HTTP or HTTPS by default?