Trying to upgrade to 1.0.3

Since it's a minor version upgrade, I totally didn't expect it to completely break my site. There seems to be something significantly different in the way related objects are loaded.

I now get "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" whenever I try to lazily access a related object.

In my model, I implement afterFind:

	protected function afterFind() {

		if(isset($this->id)) {


			$tags = $this->tags;

			$tagInputs = array();

			foreach($tags as $tag)

				$tagInputs[] = $tag->name;			







The call to foreach throws the error.

Anyone have a clue as to why this isn't working in 1.0.3?

Everything ran like a charm in 1.0.2



I think this is caused by the fix of this issue:…s/detail?id=153

I'm trying to fix it now.

hmm…I couldn't reproduce the issue.

What is 'tags' in your code? Is it a column or a relation?

I used the blog demo to do the test and with your code, I couldn't see problem.

It's a relation:

'tags'=>array(self::MANY_MANY, 'Tag', 'PostTag(postId, tagId)'),

Also, when I comment out that bit of code, other relations that I attempt to load following that also throw the same error.

Could you please show me this AR class and possibly the corresponding table structure?

I just sent you a private message with the details. Keep in mind that everything works under 1.0.2.

qiang thanks again for your help! One of the many reasons I was able to stick with Yii is because of your prompt and courteous help.