Trying to install yiishop

Hi all,

I’ve successfully installed yii and I’m very impressed so far.

The first problem I’ve run into is trying to install the yiishop module:

I’ve followed the install instructions but when I point the browser to /path/to/app/shop/install I get the following error:

I’ve looked in the module files for mysql files to install DB manually but no luck. Besides I would prefer to run the install script just incase it does other things like creating dirs etc.

I’ve tried posting comments on the extension page but I get the message “Sorry, you are too new to post comments. Please try posting in our forum first.”


My guess is that you changed the default table names on installation. On trying out the installation a while ago, I used defaults and everything worked. It looks like the changed table names currently won’t be saved and subsequently used for accessing the shop.


Thanks Tommy but I don’t think I did, and I’ve left all defaults. I’ll try another clean install and see what I get…

I get the same error. In looking at the code, it gets past the tests for debug and db, and goes to render install, but them runs into this error??

I found a problem with yiishop install. I had a new theme that was being accessed which lead to an unexpected layout being accessed in the new theme. I disabled the new theme in config/main.php and then the install page rendered as expected.

2011/11/18 00:04:10 [trace] [system.CModule] Loading "widgetFactory" application component

in …Cat\themes\new\views\layouts\column1.php (1)

in …Cat\protected\modules\shop\controllers\InstallController.php (309)

in …Cat\protected\modules\shop\controllers\InstallController.php (318)

2011/11/18 00:04:10 [trace] [system.db.CDbCommand] Querying SQL: SHOW COLUMNS FROM shop_category

I also had the same installation problem:(.

Though I have not investigated the root cause, I happened to have a workaround of this.

Just try following.

  1. Download 0.7rc3 and extract as shop under modules.

  2. Run ‘shop/install’, then you can create several tables in the specified MySQL database.

  3. Remove shop (rm -rf shop).

  4. Checkout the latest from google-code under modules as shop.

As there may be lots of bugs, I can continue to debug by doing this:).

I have started to fix yiishop at following repository. As mentioned there, I don’t want to fork yiishop. I just would like it work :)…ishop-from-r79/


Can somebody help me, where can I find the modules dir?

And the shop dir will be extracted or the contain of the shop dir? (modules/shop or modules/ShopMoudule.php etc)

Webshop is not in Debug Mode

why do i get this message? where is the changes i should make?

i got the problem solved

just create a new folder named Modules under your webapplication/protected directory. and unzip the extension under Modules directory.

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Hi all

I also tried to install yiishop but got an error:


CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: CDbCommand failed to prepare the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 near "SET": syntax error. The SQL statement executed was: SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;



  I have downloaded yiishop and i created webapp with the name yiishop..and i extracted the yiishop.rar file to my webapp(yiishop) modules...after i have opened my url  but it is showing object not found...  please can you exaplain in to install and run yiishop..

Thank you.

hi sir…

     i have few doubts...on yiishop app..why dont you keep videos in youtube..please can you upload the that beginners can easily understand..

thank you.

Hi I’m having problem while running the extension <webapp>/shop/install, it says:

Alias "shop.ShopModule" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file and the file is readable.

I’ve already tried to give permission to the folder:

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/

but still have no effect… Any ideas?


I have Yii-Shop installed. Save the files in modules, in a folder called shop. Make the settings in main.php. Something like…


  'shop' => array( 

                    'debug' => 'true',

                    'loginUrl' => array('/user/auth'),

			'currencySymbol' => '£',

			'termsView' => array('/myprojectspecific_controller/terms'),

			'successView' => array('/myprojectspecific_controller/success'),

			'failureView' => array('/myprojectspecific_controller/failure'),




Then run install and create the tables. You also need a folder to store images (app/productimages).

I couldn’t simulate your error.

Incase anyone is still experiencing this issue, ensure URLManager is enabled by uncommenting the following code in config/main.php












This is a very late reply but if anyone is facing this problem

then do the below:

In protected/modules/shop/controllers/InstallController.php

find in around line 314


and replace with


The problem is happening because it is loading the default shop layout which looks for the required tables but they are not created yet.

If you are using a theme in your Yii site then you may want to set the theme file for this yiishop install to nothing by adding one line above the new renderPartial code you just added above.